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ARTES Ingegneria was founded in 1977 as the BONO Company in charge of waste water treatment. BONO, the mother Company, was already committed, right from its birth in 1958, to excellence in the business of Steam Boilers and Boiler-Water Treatment.

At the incorporation of BONO into the Cannon Group in 1988, ARTES inherited the international attitude, the innovative mind and the strength of a multinational Company that paved the way to ambitious goals of growth and technological improvement.

Water treatment systems are designed by ARTES’ engineers on its own know-how and on proprietary technologies while fabrication and skid-mounting are performed “in-house” in full respect of the quality, safety and environmental international standards.

ARTES is currently one of the leading companies providing water & waste water treatment solutions in the Oil & Gas sector, onshore and offshore, upstream and downstream, with supplies to the major National and International Oil Companies and EPC contractors. ARTES’s installations are in the most diversified sectors including oil production, refining, petrochemicals, gas treatment, fertilizers plants.

  •  Water & Wastewater Treatment
  •  Injection Water Treatment
  •  Static Separation
  •  Static Separation
  •  Oil-seperation
  •  Filtration in Cooling Circuits
  •  Effluent Water Treatment
  •  Vacuum Degassing Package
  •  Deaeration Zero Gas
  •  Walnut Shell Filters
  •  Pre Treatment
  •  Removal of Oil Adsorption / Coalescence
  •  Produced Water Treatment